Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle Forum!

Finally we have decided to launch the Healthy Lifestyle Forum!

Many of our team members at Healthy Lifestyle Academy and Healthy Lifestyle Formula had been asking for the forum and we as a team decided to delay this due to so many other competing projects. Then we realized if we don’t do it, it will never happen. So just do it…

It is going to be a slow process for us in terms of the development of this forum but we will keep pushing it.

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Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers a place where they can find the like-minded folks, share their knowledge with others and help each other for better health and create a helping, positive and action-oriented community focused on living life healthy every day…

If you are new to us and want to learn more about our various websites, please feel free to check out here:


About Healthy Lifestyle Academy

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The Mission of Healthy Lifestyle Academy is as follow:

1. Provide well researched information related to various lifestyle foods
2. Provide this information in an easy to follow way which can be used by anyone

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About Healthy Lifestyle Formula


When we launched the Healthy Lifestyle Academy, we realized that our success is mainly drive by our Healthy Lifestyle Formula which helps anyone to manage their lifestyle health issues like blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes etc if they follow the healthy lifestyle formula.

That's why we decided to keep the Academy focused on only foods and exercises and keep sharing the specialized health issues tips through our Healthy Lifestyle Formula.


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We have few more educational websites for your benefits and we will share about those in the coming days.

Please stay tuned as we will keep populating this forum to make it fully functional.


Healthy Lifestyle Forum team