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    Hi everyone,

    As we have started opening this forum to others, I got this suggestion today from Jessica that we should have a place to introduce ourselves so that we can connect with each other.

    Thanks Jessica for this great suggestion and this is what I suggest for everyone to share while introducing themselves.

    1. Your First Name
    2. Your City
    3. What motivates you for healthy lifestyle journey

    Anything else you want to share,

    Looking forward to learn more about the members.



    First of all thanks for implementing this so fast. I really appreciate it.
    My name is Jessica and I live in the beautiful city called Great Falls.
    I am married with 3 kids and my whole family is extremely active because both my husband and I love to play outside and spend more time in the outdoors than watching TV.
    I like to stay healthy, eat healthy, sleep healthy and enjoy healthy life every day along with my family.
    Thanks for this forum,


    Jackie M.

    Hi folks,
    I have joined just now and already feeling good about this place.
    It seems to be a friendly place and I am going to make some good friends here. I love to stay health. I live in New York and I am an empty nester so I spend a good time with my cat.
    Some call me as grandma with the cat.
    Thanks for this great forum.



    Hi Friends,
    My name is Marc and I love to travel. I do travel 6-8 months in a year traveling in Africa, Asia and many other exotic places.
    When I am back home, I live in Tennessee, USA.
    I contacted admin and shared my passion with him. He was so impressed that he made me moderator from day 1.
    I feel blessed and honored to be part of this forum.
    May god bless everyone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle.



    I am happy you got the opportunity to be part of this forum Marc and I am looking forward for your experiences and comments. Thanks



    Hey folks,
    My name is Stacey and I am a fitness freak, oops geek. Well life is fun and I want to keep having fun living life in a healthy and purposeful way. I am here to help everyone.
    I live in California with my 3 kids. Everyone in my home is active and we love to surf and bike.



    Life is fun when you are healthy…

    Life is celebration when you are fit…

    Life is a festival when you are super fit…

    Hi everybody,
    My name is Joel and I am the new member at the Healthy Lifestyle Forum responsible for this forum. My role is like a gardener who keeps watering the plants, takes care of the plans when they need help and works hard so that every plant reaches to its potential.
    I will do my best and leave the rest to great members over here.
    I am married with 2 kids and love to garden with my family.



    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. Let’s get healthy everyday, all day! ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hi Everyone! My name is Missy and I live in Beaverton Orgeon! I have zero kids as I still consider myself one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love fitness when it is easy and convenient! I find this forum gives me just that, only info i need and want/nothing more. No commitments or gimmicks, just real people who enjoy staying healthy.
    I love it!

    Thanks for all being here!



    Hello everyone!

    I am Stefan and I will share my healthy experience on this forum because I really enjoy this

    keep in touch and stay Healthy!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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